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Overview of programmes

Course Details


Despite the demise of The Solicitors Regulation Authority’s Management Courses stage 1 and stage 2, and the move away from a specified hour approach to CPD, Kaplan Altior recognises the continued need for management training for lawyers as they increasingly seek to develop a key skills set that will help them run, or contribute to the running of, their professional practice businesses more efficiently and effectively.

The demise of the SRA specified courses has provided an opportunity to develop a flexible programme of management and leadership training which meets the demands of today’s lawyers. The programme will cater for the needs of Solicitors, Chartered Legal Executives and any other person responsible for the leadership, management or supervision of colleagues, teams, departments or law businesses.

Note: Qualified to Supervise – SRA Management Training Requirements

Persons who must be 'qualified to supervise', for example, sole practitioners, managers of authorised bodies, supervisors of those who undertake reserved work are still required to undertake at least 12 hours of management skills training under rule 12 of the SRA Practice Framework Rules 2011. This means that people who hold roles demanding these specific management responsibilities will still be under a regulatory obligation to undertake management training. Attendance on any of Kaplan Altior’s management training courses will contribute toward satisfying the 12 hour training requirement of those who must be ‘qualified to supervise’.


The One Day Introduction to Business Management for Lawyers (replaces the former 'SRA Management Course Stage 1')

This one day course replaces the former ‘SRA’s Management Course stage 1’ which ceased to exist on 1 April 2015.

It has been completely revised and updated but still focuses on the 3 key areas of Managing Finance, Managing People and Managing Clients.

Although it is primarily aimed at 0 – 3 year PQE lawyers, this is essentially designed to be an introductory course for anyone who is contemplating or new to management and simply requires a basic but comprehensive grounding in the skills required to effectively manage within these areas.

The Kaplan Altior Certificate in Business Management for Lawyers

Designed as an alternative to the one day course, this modular programme examines the same 3 areas of Managing Finance, Managing People and Managing Clients but in much greater depth and across 3 separate half day modules (bookable individually).

Still designed for those relatively new to management the modules will nevertheless provide delegates with a greater understanding of key management issues and expose them to a tool-kit of skills which are central to managerial and business competence.

The modules are case study based so that participants will appreciate how the skills to which they are exposed work pragmatically in the day to day life of their firm. The delivery methodology comprises a combination of participant group discussions, group presentations of findings, and trainer led plenary feedback.

Delegates who complete all 3 modules will receive the Kaplan Altior Certificate in Business Management for Lawyers.

The New Kaplan Altior 2nd stage Management Course (revised and updated)

This short day course is designed for anyone who is looking for a more advanced single day programme of management training for law firms. It is designed primarily to build on the 1 day and 3 module programmes above and to provide delegates and their firms with further support in achieving the Outcomes in Chapter 7 of the Code.

Boosting your Margins

A half day action learning workshop designed to help participants appreciate and work with factors relevant to estimating accurately the costs of a matter in the context of producing an acceptable profit margin on the file.

Participants will, in confidence, work with a real file which produced cost problems, analyse why these problems occurred and use their new understanding of appropriate estimation tools and techniques to recalculate a profitable fee.

Maximising your Team’s Performance

This half day management course is aimed at those who are new to or who wish to move towards undertaking responsibility for the supervision and management of others and who want to better understand how they can achieve greater success by working effectively through others.

Coaching and Mentoring Skills for Lawyers

Coaching and mentoring skills are vital to every lawyer’s career development; mentoring is widely held to be the second most significant factor in becoming a successful lawyer (after all that time spent in education!). Coaching can be very powerful and will enable you to improve your own and others learning and development

This half day course is aimed at those who want to understand what coaching and mentoring are, what benefits it can bring to individuals and organisations and how to start.

First Steps in Leadership

The most progressive law firms understand that leadership is no longer the preserve of their most senior people. In a rapidly changing landscape and highly competitive market, they recognise the need to create, and foster, a culture of leadership ;throughout their businesses.

This half day session, designed for junior associates who have already completed one of our introductory courses in management, provides an essential grounding in the key theories and techniques in this highly topical area. It works both as an ideal first step in creating a new culture of leadership in the organisation; or as part of an established series of initiatives in the subject.

The One Day MBA in Law Firm Leadership

Designed for Senior Associates, Partners Designate and Junior Partners, this full day course will introduce participants to the pragmatics of business leadership in the context of a legal practice.

In the post LSA environment in which law firms now practise, change is essential in order to ensure survival in the increasingly competitive market place in which lawyers are offering their services. In particular, firms must recognise that they are now businesses rather than simply professional practices, and that those practices must therefore be run in a business-like manner.